The first motive of every organization is to satisfy the employees because they play an important role in the growth of a business. To take care of the needs and satisfaction of the employees is the responsibility of the company and they can get idea about that by conducting human resource survey. These days, the HR department ensures whether the staff is happy and helping in the growth of an organization. It is a very hard task for every organization to keep employees satisfied and to convince them to continue with the current job. To hire a new employee is a very time consuming and costly process. The company should know the exact reasons of their employees’ departure and it is possible only by conducting these surveys. Departing employees never speak out the real reason for leaving the job; there must be some common reasons like dissatisfaction with the salary, work environment or with co-workers. To know about the real reason is very necessary so that the company may improve that in future and can avoid more resignations. The best way to know about what employees are thinking about the organization is by conducting human resource survey. While conducting this human resource survey keep in mind that your survey must be specific and direct and the questions should be apt so that honest feedback can be obtained. Try to ask such important questions from your employees so that they will feel that you really care for them and surely you will take up some necessary steps. By having an insight into your employees mind you would come to know about the real problems and try to improve those problems. It is also possible that at the time of survey the departing employee may say something negative about the company. At that time it is necessary to hear it with patience and work on it in future. So this survey can help you in knowing the problems prevailing in your organization and how they can be improved in future.