Do you know what keeps your employees motivated to work for you? If you don’t then, it is high time you conduct human resource surveys to measure the reasons which lead to extended decreased productivity. If you lack the time, energy and strategy to carry out such surveys then you can pick the recent human resource management survey from any HR publication. The most important concerns of a middle class employee are benefits, work/social life stability, job security, compensation, workmen’s insurance and communique between them and senior Administrators of the company. Employees, who feel that for the most of the part they are overworked, assess their job on the basis of how it affects their personal and social lives. Whereas, employers are more concerned with job performance and the employee incentive factor. Human resource surveys help to bring about the complaints of the employees to the senior management, which is mostly inaccessible for the workforce. A strategic plan for conducting brainstorming sessions for employees should be sketched by the HR manager. This plan should include development of social and leadership skills, better interaction and choice making skills and effective listening. A human resource manager should utilize all know how and experience to support the services in the company and its hopeful candidates. All human resource surveys, policies and processes are designed by him. This comprises of job assessment, presentation evaluation, job report, value pay and overall reimbursement audits. A HR manager should also possess interviewing skills, communication dexterity, customer, public relation and time management skills. He oversees training of new recruits and sponsorship program plans. A person has to be highly qualified and well educated to be appointed as the company HR as he carries a lot of responsibility and decision making accountability for his company.