Hiring new employees and then guiding them is quite a hectic task and full of hassles. Many corporate companies consider it a very expensive and time consuming task. In order to avoid this hassle, many companies prefer to keep their existing employees satisfied and happy to make them stay for longer period. For this reason, they carry out Human resource surveys, which are designed to know your employees. There are many advantages of these surveys, such as - . These surveys help you to understand the major concerns of the employees at the workplace. Before they hand a resignation letter, it is better to know what their actual concern is. . It also allows you to get feedback about the working structure of the company and other work related issues. The Human Resource Surveys should be very precise and direct. It is undoubtedly an effective tool which will make the employees feel that the employer cares for them. . By executing these surveys, you can figure out potential problems that an employee is facing. Also, you will get precise information about the matter of concern. It will help you in knowing where the problem exists, and you can solve it accordingly. If the employee is complaining and giving negative feedback, then you can take action and improve that area. You can also work on giving perks and other benefits to employees to make them feel satisfied and contented. Human Resource surveys are a major tool to understand the behavior and mind set of the employees. By having a glance of your employee's point of view regarding other employees, employers and working environment, you can work on the concerned issues. With these surveys you can also maintain the satisfaction level of the employees and turn your company into an ideal workplace for your employees.