There are very few organizations which emphasize on conducting monthly, bi-annual and annual surveys. It is very important for the companies to conduct such kinds of surveys as it helps in improving the work environment. Obviously improving work environment directly impacts the productivity in an organization as well. The human resource surveys plays vital role in increasing the job retention rate. The technology is growing with every single day and these days there are different kinds of human resource survey software available in the market. The main advantage of purchasing this kind of software is that it is very easy to use and anyone can use its features without any professional help. Creating surveys via software is very easy; one just needs to read the instructions as given. There are different kinds of surveys that one can create by using such types of software. One can easily create professional surveys by using the software but it is essential to approach a reputed company while purchasing survey software. It is always advised that one should try by creating trial human resource surveys first. Therefore, it provides a clear insight about the ability of software and the right way to use it. When it comes to purchasing such kind of software, make sure to pick the right and reputed company. There are numerous advantages of conducting HR surveys and it is good to hold such surveys at least once in a year. Such kinds of surveys are very beneficial in creating a professional environment in the company. Creating surveys with the help of these surveys are very easy. One can read the customer’s reviews and testimonials to get a clear insight about the human resource surveys. The human resource managers can send surveys to the employees or peers via email. Creating surveys through these surveys via email just takes few minutes. So, it can be said that HR surveys can prove to be very beneficial in enhancing productivity in the company.