Employees are the back bone of a company. They play a crucial role in the effective running of any organization. Today, every company wants their workforce to be more effectual and hardworking and that is why they look for measures that can help them in knowing concerns of the employees. One of the most effective measures to tap the insight and perspective of employees is HR Surveys. These surveys are designed to improve the working environment and increasing the retention and productivity rates on employment. There are many companies that conduct these surveys, as they know that employees are the most important asset of an organization and if they are happy then they will work more effectively and prove beneficial for the business. HR Surveys are a key factor that helps employers to understand the mindset of the employees. The survey is carried out by the HR department of the company and the main motive is to understand employee’s point of view about the organization and the working environment. These surveys are one of the most cost effective ways and an essential tool carried out by many organizations. Apart from being profitable, these surveys gather information or feedback from the employees and analyze their concerns and other issues regarding their job or other related matters. After getting appropriate feedback from the employees, the HR department discusses the matter with the employers and comes to precise conclusion. This will help them to understand the concerns of the employees and they can resolve the matter accordingly. With the rising trend of HR Surveys, many companies are conducting it to ensure that the employees are satisfied and contented with their job. The key of success of every organization are happy and gratified employees. If the employees are happy, then they will work harder and this will lead a company towards success.