Today, business organizations are executing in the state of fierce competition. Enhanced productivity is the key to survival and because of limited resources, organizations are realizing the significance of having sincere and proficient manpower in order to drive growth and success. The employment conditions have undergone a tremendous change as both employers and employees have become more quality driven. Also, organizations are facing the challenge of enticing and retaining the talented employees. So, as a business owner, you need to recognize and nourish your employees’ ideologies, aspirations, desires and other important aspects in order to enhance productivity and emerge successful. Here comes the importance of employee surveys. Employee surveys prove to be an excellent way to understand and also evaluate both the explicit and implicit facets of the relations of employees with a company. The employee surveys helps to know about the opinions and ideas of the employees which when efficiently fostered will prove to be a lot beneficial for the company’s overall growth. These surveys provide a brilliant opportunity to the employees to work in a more professional way which would improve their relations with the management. Employees surveys help to reveal that 4C’s of an organization- commitment, culture, communication and compensation are extremely important for employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity. These surveys also provide various other benefits such as streamlining communication, evaluating training needs, reducing absenteeism and turnover and strengthening supervision. In order to enhance productivity and drive business growth and success, every company needs to conduct employee surveys over a regular period of time. When conducted in an efficient and healthy manner, these employee surveys will help to determine and analyze the cause of various problems such as workplace conflicts, decreased productivity, high turnover and other critical incidents or disturbances. Alternatively, employee surveys also help to determine the failure or success of different employee related programs. Thus, the employee surveys help the companies to function smoothly and also help to establish efficient strategies and goals.