Measuring employee satisfaction is one of the most important steps in order to know if the workers and employees are happy and satisfied with the working atmosphere of your organization and with their present job. As a business owner, you need to implement different ideas and methods to keep your employees satisfied. Boosting up the morale of your employees and workers is quite beneficial as happy and contented employees work with more dedication and also stay sincere and loyal for their company. As an employer you need to figure out different ways and the ideas to implement them in order to measure employee satisfaction. One good way to know the views and ideas of your employees is to conduct personal interviews or online surveys. These surveys are very helpful to gather appropriate and valuable information if conducted in a right and proper way. However you need to make sure that the surveys are anonymous in order to make the employees feel relaxed so that they get complete freedom to answer the questionnaire honestly. Another way to measure employee satisfaction is to conduct personal interviews however these can be confining at times but makes the employees feel that their concerns and problems are heard and valued by the management. Thus, online surveys help to gather the required data with respect to employee satisfaction and this makes the employer understand the actual problem area which lowers the productivity and morale of employees. Also, in this competitive era, it is quite essential for the business organizations to make certain that their talented and skilled employees don’t leave the company. Attrition in a business organization results in revenue loss that is incurred in recruiting and training of employees. Online surveys help the organizations to get a clear idea about satisfaction level of the employees and what is their probability of providing persistent service to an organization. You can include various questions in these surveys regarding the infrastructure, management policies, salary structure and entire working conditions.