In this competitive era, when there is a need for the businesses to become highly productive and streamlined, a business organization at times, find itself having a workforce which is working under a lot of pressure. This results in high employee turnover, low productivity and decreased morale of the employees. Increased employee attrition is usually due to dissatisfaction with different aspects of the working of your business organization. This can include ineffective leaders and managers, insufficient training, career and development opportunities uncompetitive benefits and compensation, and various other factors. Surveys for employee retention, staff turnover surveys or exit surveys help to gather valuable information from the current and former employees about their experience of working with your organization. The objective of conducting these surveys is to comprehend individual’s experiences and perceptions and get valuable feedback about the company, and work environment. Well designed and brilliantly conducted surveys help to reduce employee turnover and also enhance employee commitment and satisfaction. These surveys help to identify why the employees are leaving your organization, what was supposed to be done so that their work experience with your organization could have been improved, and other related information. Thus the exit surveys give a wealth of insight and information about why employees are thinking to leave or are actually going to leave your organization. By efficiently acting on the valuable information, your business organization can successfully reduce the unwanted employee turnover and thus improving the bottom line of the company. With efficiently using the exit surveys, the business organizations can work on employee satisfaction and retention. These are an important tool for gathering opinions and impressions. The exit interviews or surveys should be conducted by the HR representative. The idea behind conducting such surveys is to use the information in order to retain the present employees and also for the future recruitment. These surveys can also be conducted online so that the employee can feel more relaxed while answering the questionnaire.