Today, the business organizations are working in the state of severe competition. Thus, the key to survival is being highly productive and competitive. The business organizations have realized the significance of having a sincere and dedicated manpower for driving growth and success. Also, majority of the companies are facing the challenge to attract and retain the most sincere and talented employees. The employment conditions have undergone significant changes and the employers and the employees have become very quality driven. The hr surveys are an excellent way to comprehend and evaluate the explicit and implicit facets of relations of the employees with the organization. For this, the ideologies, aspirations, desires and various other aspects which drive them most need to be identified and nourished as well. These surveys help to know about the opinions and ideas of the employees which when efficiently fostered will be quite beneficial for the company’s progress and growth. The hr surveys offer an opportunity to the employees to work in a more professional way which can also improve their relations with management. While designing and conducting these surveys, the various aspects which you need to contemplate are- delineate the objective which you want to achieve from the survey, try to include open ended questions and the questions should be unbiased. Also, the questions must balance the requirements and needs of the organization and employees as well. They need to be clear and reasonable and must allow the employees to freely express themselves. Also, you need to make certain that the employees can know about the results of surveys and also the company’s action plan based on results of the surveys. These hr surveys even help to know about the failure or success of some employee related programs and plans. Thus, surveys not only help the companies to work smoothly and efficiently but also help to establish strategies and goals.