For several years, many business organizations have been efficiently measuring employee satisfaction with a belief that happy and contented employees perform better and are more loyal and engaged as compared to the unsatisfied ones. As a smart employer you need to find out effective ways of implementing various ideas and methods in order to keep your employees happy and satisfied. Boosting up the morale of your employees is quite beneficial for an organization as contented employees work with more dedication, stay loyal and thus put in sincere effort. You can use various methods to know about the opinions, ideologies, aspirations and future plans of the employees. One of the most efficient ways of measuring employee satisfaction is to conduct periodic surveys. These surveys help to collect relevant and important information about the employees. However, you need to ensure that the surveys are kept highly confidential so that the employees do not feel hesitant and can answer the questionnaire with complete freedom and honesty without any pressure or fear of repercussion. Another effective way to measuring employee satisfaction is to conduct personal interviews. These help to make the employees feel that their concerns and opinions are being heard as well as addressed by the management or the higher authorities. However these can be quite confining at times as the employee is not able to answer honestly. Thus, surveys as well as personal interviews are very useful when it comes to collecting the required data and information with respect to employee satisfaction. These enable the employer to comprehend the areas which need improvement in order to boost the employee’s morale. As a business owner if you are working to build an engaged and efficient workforce then your focus must be on providing your employees what they actually need. You can have a team of satisfied and engaged employees only when you have right kind of work culture where you actually celebrate success and build a connection with your employees and understand their explicit as well as implicit needs. This can definitely make a huge difference and you can then bring out your organization’s full potential.