Measuring employee satisfaction is an incredible step to verify whether workers are pleased with their current jobs and working environment. Improving the moral of workforce is always advantageous for any company, as happy employees would put in more effort, work with dedication and stay honest towards their organization. Smart and wise employers would implement various ideas and techniques to keep their employees content. A business needs to employ various methods of measuring employee satisfaction, which can be through personal interviews and different types of surveys with their employees to collect accurate information. This can be very useful if managed carefully. While conducting such surveys, you should ensure complete secrecy, so that employees get full freedom to answer honestly and without any fear of pressure or backlash. Another way of evaluating employee satisfaction is personal interviews. It will really help to make the workforce feel that their problems has been heard and addressed by the management. Whether it is personal interview, or surveys, both can prove to be fruitful in gathering all the valuable information related to employee contentment. Such employee appraisals would also help employers to know about the problematic areas that can lessen the moral of the employees. One of the best ways to keep the workers happy is to build up team spirit.  Make the employees feel as if they are part of the company and this will motivate them to work more efficiently, as they get the feeling of being appreciated. Arranging outgoings, tours, parties and social gathering would help to build good bonding between co-workers. Many organizations arrange camps and sports events to fortify the employees’ relationships in a stress-free environment. Such techniques are helpful in building team spirits and many employers have been successful to ensure employee satisfaction through such techniques. Bonuses, increments, and appraisals are some other techniques to satisfy workers, though they are not the overall solution. Employees would be pleased with their increments and incentives, but if they are working under constant pressure and stress, they might soon get frustrated due to the stress they have to face at their workplace. Thus, overall satisfying working environment is significant factor while measuring employee satisfaction.