Employees are the backbone of any business. If they are happy, fully trained and able to do their job correctly, it can bring great success for the company. Thus, an employee satisfaction survey can help owners to stay on track with their employees and most importantly their business. As a business owner, one should ensure that their employees know their jobs well. A survey, such as this, can help business owners to keep a tab on their employees’ attitude about their job. For instance, a survey can help them to make sure that their employees are satisfied that they are well trained in their jobs. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have employees who have no idea of what they are supposed to be doing. Thus, an untrained employee is an unhappy employee. This ultimately results in unhappy clients and customers. The aim should be to enhance customer satisfaction rates. It is indeed necessary to make sure that all employees feel like they are well trained. It ensures that customers are able to enjoy the standards that have been established by the company. Though it might not show   immediate results, an employee satisfaction survey would ensure that all the customers as well as the employees are satisfied and confident in the jobs. Business owners need to know how to keep their employees. If they are viewing high or increasing turnover rates, employee satisfaction surveys can offer suggestions to keep more of the employees. Perhaps long lasting employees feel that their paycheck does not appropriately reflect their experience and the dedication towards their company. Perhaps there is something else that could be done to make employees to feel like being a part of the company.  Whatever, might be the problems, this survey can help shed light on the matter. Many business owners fail to realize the powerful connection between their employees’ contentment and their business’ success. It is true that no business can become successful without happy, satisfied employees, so it makes sense to use an employee satisfaction survey to keep tab on the employees’ attitude about their job and workplace.