Do short rides to and from work lead to better employee satisfaction surveys? Recent data says they do.

As many as 76 per cent of Canadians said they want a reasonable commute to the office, according to the “Destination Collaboration: The Future of Work” study by Oxford Properties and Environics Research Group.

Their data also shows:

  • 82 per cent feel that a commute time of less than 30 minutes is the appropriate travel time to work
  • One third said they would be willing to work an extra three hours per week for a reasonable commute to the office
  • 50 per cent of respondents state that commute time is the number one factor that would cause them to choose one employer over another
  • Nearly 40 per cent said they also want their workplace to be close to lifestyle amenities, such as shops, restaurants and gyms

"Employees and job seekers are placing an even greater emphasis on the value of their time and the transit options of a workplace," said Andrew McAllan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Real Estate, Oxford Properties.

"Optimizing office location and transit accessibility in conjunction with collaborative spatial design and a wide variety of amenities, will be crucial selling points for employers to attract and retain the brightest, most loyal employees."

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