Employee survey is quite similar to customer survey. It is an essential part of any business that is meant to improve cohesiveness and internal functions of a business. For a successful venture, only marketing campaigns are not enough. It is also important to understand what actually employees want. This is because employees are the main factors who are responsible for the success of any company to a large extent. The employees play a vital role in shaping up the business and that is why employee surveys are very crucial for any business. Today, almost every venture is going online. So, in order to execute employee surveys, installing employee survey software is beneficial. The software gives the ability to manage the feedback of employees and their opinion through internet. As the business relies on employees and they are essential part of the success of any business, it is important to present them an honest questionnaire, regarding their income concerns, office environment or any sort of related query. The employee survey software helps to keep a record of each and every query of the employees. The information collected through questionnaires will help the employer to know the issues being faced by his employees. By installing employee survey software, the employer can give a voice to the employees, as it is one of the confidential tools through which employees can respond easily to the questions. The software also helps in preventing survey fatigue, as it allows the employer to collect the input of the employees in a cost-effective and convenient manner that makes the most of human resources without overloading them. Today, with the advancement in technology, many business owners are making use of employee surveys, in order to increase the productivity of their business. By keeping their employees happy and contented, they can easily get good returns from their business.