A comprehensive employee survey is just like full-scanning of an organization. Whether your business is small, mid-sized or big, in order to increase the productivity, performance, sustainability, competitiveness and profit, it is important to listen to your employees and solve their issues regarding the organization or with the employer. To make this possible, an employee survey is designed that is a highly effective and low cost way to gather suggestions, information and insight of the employees. Today, as there are ample employment prospects available for skilled people, it becomes important for the companies to ensure that their employees do not leave the company, as it will lead to revenue loss. By conducting an employee survey, the employers will come to know if there is any issue due to which the employees are not comfortable working. The survey basically starts with questions related to employee satisfaction level regarding the management policies, infrastructure, salary structure, and over all working conditions of the organization. Employee surveys are specially designed to meet the special requirements of any organization, enabling employees to tell their concerns directly to the employer. Properly designed employee surveys normally include the questions in following groups – - Corporate Culture - Teamwork and Collaboration - Need of resources in order to carry out job effectively - Ingenuity and Innovation - Effectiveness of process - Employee empowerment and engagement - Commitment to customers, their satisfaction and quality of services - Communications within and between Organizational Units and senior management - Effectiveness of Manager - Working Environment - Feed back and Measurement of Performance - Commitment towards Company and other topics important for the benefit of the business. Employee Surveys identify what needs to be carried out to strengthen leadership effectiveness, internal communication, business processes and company culture. These surveys act as tools that are designed for employees to voice their concerns about staff, salary and other things. It is a beneficial tool for any organization as it enables them to gain lucrative returns and a competitive edge.