Employee retention is perhaps the most challenging task for most organisations. The valuable resources spent on training and recruiting employees can be intimidating and when those employees depart, those investments would also walk out with them. Regardless of this, many organizations fail to deal with their workforce’s retention tactically.  While some conduct exit interviews, they might not try to learn how they can pull and retain best talents for the future. Exit interview survey software is an essential tool to secure any chances of future retention. They give you an opportunity to collect honest, practical and significant feedback from departing workforce. Usually exit interviews are conducted at the time, an employee is departing. A representative from HR department is most likely to conduct such interviews. Departing employees are requested to take part in the interview. The HR representative would take note of the employee’s feedback. Although it is HR managers or supervisors who are actually responsible for storing employee details, it is crucial that the interview is conducted by a neutral party to get unbiased data. Exit interview survey software can offer valuable insight of the operations of your business. Take this scope to ascertain from an employee about their reason for leaving. Try to know how to improve on certain areas that can be valuable for your company. You might also want to include an area where the departing employees can leave their comments, which might not have been covered during the exit survey. When you opt for online survey, there are several benefits. As departing employees would not have to directly face questions, they would feel comfortable to give honest feedback. It can be quite easy for them to give their feedback on computer, rather than having to comment something negative in front another person. The use of exit interview survey software can help organisations to work on employee retention and overall workforce satisfaction.  Most employees would be willing to take part in such types of interviews if they are given the opportunity. Moreover, you can get some valuable suggestions from a departing employee that you can use for the betterment of your company.