The right definition of employee surveys is to get engaged with employees so as to measure their extent of satisfaction. It is true that employee satisfaction is the only key to achieve organization success but sometimes in the companies it becomes quite difficult to interact with employees. Such kind of surveys are best ways to interact with them and know what they exactly think about the company. Also, the culture of every business organization is different but the opinion of employees sometimes matters the most. Every employer must engage with employees to get their valuable opinion and thus they use that opinion for the overall success. An employer can also switch to survey software which helps the business owners to customize the surveys according to their needs and requirements. The employee surveys often provide valuable information which is reliable, honest, flexible and effective and can be used immediately. Such kind of surveys play vital role in maintaining employee satisfaction in the company. These surveys also decide the future about the company; however there are several tools available with these surveys which people can use to enhance the effectiveness. These surveys are actually designed so that the contribution of employees can be acknowledged and thus they can be recognized. It really helps in motivating them and it can really affect the productivity of other employees as well. However, it is very important that one should conduct these surveys confidentially in order to get the accurate and honest feedback. In this way, they can convey the message easily which is very important for employer. It is better to use the additional tools that help in conducting surveys and thus help in enhancing the effectiveness. The input of employees is very important, employee surveys do the same. So, if someone wants to restrict the attrition rate and desires to develop loyalty in the organization, employee surveys are the right tool to do so.