These days’ human resource professionals do not have enough time to enjoy luxuries in office. HR is the busiest department and it plays crucial role in making better decisions for the organization. There are different kinds of surveys running in organization these days so as to improve the productivity. These are mainly conducted to enhance the overall productivity and to motivate the employees. It is the only way in which the employees can give their best to the company. The main objective of HR surveys is to collect a valuable feedback of employees which in turn can be used to make better decisions. There are numerous websites available which help the professional organizations in creating such kinds of effective surveys. An effective survey is the main thing which is responsible to gather valuable feedback. While taking a feedback, the main thing which is concerning is the accurate and honest feedback which is very rare in the organization but with the help of these professional survey websites it is possible. These websites design the HR surveys in such ways that an employee can provide an honest and accurate feedback which further can be used for the development and training purposes. The surveys are designed by conducting a brief research about the company and its working environment. The main motive of every organization is to retain potential employees. Every key employee in an organization plays crucial role in the development of a company. These days often it can be seen that while resigning most employees do not mention the right reason behind their resignation. Therefore, these surveys basically work in finding the accurate reason behind their resignation which further can be used for introducing the necessary changes in the organization. So, it can be said that HR surveys are very important for every company to take it at the next level and to retain the potential employees.