Loyal employees are the assets of an organization, as they have an important role to play in the overall success of the company. So it becomes very important to know if the employees are satisfied, or if they feel rewarded for the contributions they made for improving the overall ranking of the organization. Employee surveys are the effective ways to get solutions to all these issues, and collect employees’ feedback. An employee survey reveals important details about the concerns, level of cheerfulness and thoughts of your employees. Successful companies know the value of gathering employees’ feedback and utilizing quality tools in order to organize employees survey as a technique to offer ongoing communication. The most effectual method of surveying employees is through internet. Internet based employee surveys give the level of secrecy needed to get honest feedback devoid the tension of being chastised by the employers. Moreover, they also permit you to gather data in real-time and assess satisfaction levels over year. Basically, employee surveys are of three types, which are exit surveys, employee satisfaction survey and pulse survey. Employee satisfaction surveys permit human resource departments to value the perceptions of employees and measure their satisfaction about employer, position or other benefits. Pulse surveys are conducted to capture employee views on the management, procedure, company direction and culture, while exit surveys allow the company to measure employees’ attitude. Exit surveys are considered an effective method to augment culture, lessen employee turnover and create policies. Surf internet and look for employee survey questionnaires to know what type of questions should be included in employee surveys. Refer to past questionnaires implemented by previous managers of the company. You can also put into use survey software to gain relevant responses from the individuals empowered to put efforts in the success of your company.