Employee survey software is a useful tool that helps companies, understand the needs of their workforce by giving them a prospect to communicate their opinions. Often conducted by human resource department of the organization, employee surveys always inquire into the questions that determine not only the satisfaction levels and attitudes, but also the workforce options regarding the company, and their position within it. There was a time when individuals had no option, but to conduct employee surveys manually that would take a lot of time as well efforts, and still the results would not be much precise. However, today the evolution in technology has made it possible to conduct online surveys using employee survey software. This automated way of conducting employee survey reduces the time as well as efforts, thus providing employers with more time to concentrate on other aspects of their business. The survey software comes with an option of collecting and assessing the response (or feedback) automatically, which ultimately lessens the overall time. Some much sophisticated and advanced software also offer benefits of creating graphs, table, subcategories, multiple tabs and many more to aid employers make their survey interesting and factual. Among other benefits of employee survey software, the one that allows you to change the questions easily is really interesting. It means you can customize the software as per your needs, and even correct the errors just within the matter of minutes. What’s more, you will be able to see the results right away as there are highly sophisticated reports to offer real time access to employee’s answers. Above all, it can be said that employee survey software programs are more flexible than outdated manual survey, and what significantly adds to their feature list is the fact that they lessen the need of human efforts to direct them, thus bringing down overall expenses.