New workers can prove to be a dependable information source for any company. Majority of companies overlook the information that they probably have got from their earlier experiences. Consequently, lots of priceless information gets disposed off in the procedure of appointing new worker in the company. Employee surveys are conducted for various purposes. Among them is survey for new employees. This one is usually conducted after some orientation to find out any possible issues associating to productivity, attitudes, income and other facets. It would aid the organization to comprehend the output of the training course that new employee underwent in the earlier days. The worker's experiences in initial days of service are also significant determinants, as they signify company's image from new person’s vision. This survey can also be conducted to know if the worker has totally comprehended all the facets of his or her new occupation or not. It can comprise the job study and report, the job basics, the most pleasant and least pleasant job aspects and many more. These employee surveys can comprise information associating to business culture, training, manager relations, work atmosphere, payment and benefits, feedback, management, business ideas and overall contentment. Surveys for new employees can also have information associating to the earlier job, such as job leaving reasons, job description, payment and benefits etc. This would aid to find out the approach of the workers and whether they would be contented with the current occupation or not. These employee surveys are designed and carried out by the human resource department. Otherwise, organizations can also outsource surveys to other bureau that conduct surveys on your behalf. These bureaus design survey forms and present all the associated expertise in assessing the employee survey. They give professional knowledge in the facets on which the employee survey is conducted. They also utilize special software devices for superior and faster assessment of data.