If you polled small businesses and larger companies, which side would have a better job satisfaction survey? Recent data seems to favour the little guys. 

According to a recent infographic 81 per cent of surveyed people working in small and medium businesses in the US are satisfied with their job. This percentage is higher than the 68 per cent of all full-time US employees surveyed in a Workforce Development study of January 2013, by Rutgers University Heidrich Center.

Small business employees also spoke very well of their superiors. Six in 10 gave their management team an A or B, with only 3 percent giving a failing grade to their bosses.

This survey was commissioned by GFI Software conducted online by the GfK Group (formerly Knowledge Networks) using sample from the probability-based KnowledgePanel®, which is designed to be representative of all adults in the United States.

The survey was originally intended to ascertain how people in small business use the internet and social media. For example, six in 10 respondents would remove all their personal information from the Internet at the snap of a finger, if they could.

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