What’s a “stay interview?” How can they help employee engagement, while keeping your best employees out of an exit interview or exit survey

We’ve recently come across this new practice, which is used by some companies to hold onto their superstars. Basically, you’re sitting down for a frank discussion with employees who are at risk of being poached, or leaving for other reasons.

“They are a direct opportunity to prevent flight risks from leaving, but they are also a deep dive into engagement,” said Lenore Lambert, director at The Interview Group, told www.hcamag.com.

“So other than targeted retention, they are a useful follow-up tool for engagement surveys, targeting staff in areas that are less engaged and identifying specifically what needs to be done to get the best from people.”

This pre-emptive strike can help you hold onto your top performers, while gaining insights into what might help you retain the rest of your staff.

This is a relatively new idea, so there is no real data to show the success rate or any other numbers to support the stay interview’s impact on turnover or retention. However, the idea is a good one. And properly executed, it could make sure your best employees remain YOUR best.

If you have any questions about what exit surveys or employee engagement surveys can do for your company, please contact us any time.