Are disenfranchised employees rubbing off on your customers? Maybe. You might want to start using employee engagement surveys before you start losing customers. 

There is a direct link between employee engagement levels and customer service levels. If you’re employees are disconnected from their work, it shows. Even when they’re trying to put on their “work face.”

“If employees – especially those in front-line roles dealing with either outside customers or other departments within the organization – are engaged and enthusiastic they enjoy work more. And that is good for the business,” wrote Roger Trapp, at

Trapp added that a universal truth is that engagement levels start high at the top of an organization, then falls down the ladder with each rung. 

“They continue to fall between upper levels of management and lower levels of organizations, so that by the time front-line positions are reached they are exponentially lower.”

It makes sense. Clearly a high level executive at The Gap is going to feel more invested in the company than a summer student selling the jeans. However, that doesn’t mean you’re frontline employees should feel no connection by default.

Using employee engagement surveys are a great way to find out what motivates your employees and connects them to their job—or what could connect them, anyways.  

If you have any questions about what employee engagement surveys can do for your team, please contact us any time.