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Employee survey software – Automated Way to Understand Employees Attitude

clock April 20, 2010 07:09 by author Administrator
Employee survey software is a useful tool that helps companies, understand the needs of their workforce by giving them a prospect to communicate their opinions. Often conducted by human resource department of the organization, employee surveys always inquire into the questions that determine not only the satisfaction levels and attitudes, but also the workforce options regarding the company, and their position within it. There was a time when individuals had no option, but to conduct employee surveys manually that would take a lot of time as well efforts, and still the results would not be much precise. However, today the evolution in technology has made it possible to conduct online surveys using employee survey software. This automated way of conducting employee survey reduces the time as well as efforts, thus providing employers with more time to concentrate on other aspects of their business. The survey software comes with an option of collecting and assessing the response (or feedback) automatically, which ultimately lessens the overall time. Some much sophisticated and advanced software also offer benefits of creating graphs, table, subcategories, multiple tabs and many more to aid employers make their survey interesting and factual. Among other benefits of employee survey software, the one that allows you to change the questions easily is really interesting. It means you can customize the software as per your needs, and even correct the errors just within the matter of minutes. What’s more, you will be able to see the results right away as there are highly sophisticated reports to offer real time access to employee’s answers. Above all, it can be said that employee survey software programs are more flexible than outdated manual survey, and what significantly adds to their feature list is the fact that they lessen the need of human efforts to direct them, thus bringing down overall expenses.

Different types of Employee surveys that you can choose for your company

clock April 16, 2010 03:53 by author Administrator
Loyal employees are the assets of an organization, as they have an important role to play in the overall success of the company. So it becomes very important to know if the employees are satisfied, or if they feel rewarded for the contributions they made for improving the overall ranking of the organization. Employee surveys are the effective ways to get solutions to all these issues, and collect employees’ feedback. An employee survey reveals important details about the concerns, level of cheerfulness and thoughts of your employees. Successful companies know the value of gathering employees’ feedback and utilizing quality tools in order to organize employees survey as a technique to offer ongoing communication. The most effectual method of surveying employees is through internet. Internet based employee surveys give the level of secrecy needed to get honest feedback devoid the tension of being chastised by the employers. Moreover, they also permit you to gather data in real-time and assess satisfaction levels over year. Basically, employee surveys are of three types, which are exit surveys, employee satisfaction survey and pulse survey. Employee satisfaction surveys permit human resource departments to value the perceptions of employees and measure their satisfaction about employer, position or other benefits. Pulse surveys are conducted to capture employee views on the management, procedure, company direction and culture, while exit surveys allow the company to measure employees’ attitude. Exit surveys are considered an effective method to augment culture, lessen employee turnover and create policies. Surf internet and look for employee survey questionnaires to know what type of questions should be included in employee surveys. Refer to past questionnaires implemented by previous managers of the company. You can also put into use survey software to gain relevant responses from the individuals empowered to put efforts in the success of your company.

Why are Human resource surveys so important?

clock April 13, 2010 09:22 by author Administrator
Human resource surveys not only enhance a work setting, but also increase efficiency as well as job preservation rates. HR subdivisions within even small companies can implement these surveys in various ways including exit interviews, entrance interviews, hiring process, 360 degree reviews, annual reviews and overall status of company review. Gathering feedback from company stakeholders and employees is important to augment a person, team and company performance. By conducting various key-feedback mechanisms like employees attitude surveys, salary survey or a study to amass employee’s training feedbacks, you will be able to get strategic details required to be competitive in the industry, and gauge the strength of your organization’s human capital. Industry benchmarks can be a tremendous way to settle on what KPIs (key performance indicators) such as probability to recommend, overall satisfaction and employee turnover should be for the firm. Once you have recognized your key performance indicators, it will be very easy to build up a chronic schedule of online surveys required to make sure you have usual metrics to assess. For instance, if your short term objective is to boost up employee’s productivity by 10%, then, you can conduct a survey that includes asking questions regarding workers’ problem area, tasks, usage and frequencies to take base-line dimension. You can then also create a follow up survey five or six months later in order to perceive if changes you introduced have had desired effect. Conducting human resource surveys is not that difficult. You are free to refer to professionally written workers satisfaction survey queries available online, or implement survey templates created previously by others in your company. You also need to make yourself well acquainted with some essential human resource survey tips, such as leading with positive end of rating scale. So, if you want to improve the overall performance of your organization, you should consider conducting human resource surveys.

Best tool for retention is HR surveys

clock April 9, 2010 06:47 by author Administrator
Employee contentment has turned into a quite imperative determinant factor in the productivity of a company. The turnover is high in companies, and keeping hold of skillful workers has become a difficult job for even best firms across the world. Almost every firm is encountered with a challenge of comprehending what inspires the workers most. Gratified workers not only stay in the firm, but prove out more prolific. Moreover, they are most likely loyal and recommend the services and products of company wherever and whenever possible, or in other words they will immensely help the firm to attract best talent for upcoming recruitments. That is the major reason why most companies conduct HR surveys to feel the pulse of their employees. The most important and relevant aspects that should be included in these survey questionnaire are the worker’s comprehending of company’s long term strategy and mission; his confidence in the leadership of the firm; his understanding of job description in company; his trust in the culture of company; his perception regarding the communication system of the firm; team spirit, the morale and professionalism of company. Some other aspects include worker’s relation with peers / management / supervisors; the extent to which firm gratifies his implicit as well as explicit needs such as development, training, vacation, compensation, empowerment, personal accomplishments, encouragement, appreciation and various other benefits. The questionnaire included in HR surveys also contain various other questions like annual income of employee, personal information about family, sex, age, status, the particular department and previous employment records. This questionnaire should be small enough to take twenty to thirty minutes of employee’s time, quite easy to comprehend and open to motivate additional suggestions or comments. Above all, it is very important to conduct HR surveys if you want your company to stay competitive in your industry.

Feedback software helps you get great benefits

clock April 6, 2010 08:41 by author Administrator
If you want to have an edge over your competitors, then you certainly will have to look for some suitable feedback software to get customer responses about the products or services you offer to them. It is important just because customer experience is now turning into a key competitive arena for almost all industries. Feedback software programs are also for employees to help them assess their personal weaknesses and strengths. With such software systems, the workforce will not only get an elevated sense of control, but it will also receive an opportunity to assess its peers and managers as well. Customarily, the downward evaluations lack the sincerity element of assessment, but these feedback systems have proffered a much balanced outlook as the input is obtained from various feedback providers. Being a customer, you can connect straightforwardly with company’s product team through feedback program, which will ultimately influence the future product list of that company. Being an employer, you can get a much deeper and far broader evaluation of your workforce through feedback systems. Now, there is no need to settle on the perspective of single manager. Feedback programs will help you get access to responses from various resources, including peer reviews and self reviews, in addition to inputs from external source. All these perspectives, together provide a more realistic and insightful evaluation of development opportunities and competency gaps. You can further reflect these valuable insights into improvement in performance and accomplish your workers’ as well as your organization’s true potential. The automatic identification of dissenting language feature will reduce the review time of human resource significantly. It will also enable you to get a holistic perspective and detailed analysis of skill gaps, blind spots and hidden strengths. So, if you want to achieve world class results and maximum performance in today’s world of massive uncertainty, then only feedback software can help you to accomplish that.