If you want to have an edge over your competitors, then you certainly will have to look for some suitable feedback software to get customer responses about the products or services you offer to them. It is important just because customer experience is now turning into a key competitive arena for almost all industries. Feedback software programs are also for employees to help them assess their personal weaknesses and strengths. With such software systems, the workforce will not only get an elevated sense of control, but it will also receive an opportunity to assess its peers and managers as well. Customarily, the downward evaluations lack the sincerity element of assessment, but these feedback systems have proffered a much balanced outlook as the input is obtained from various feedback providers. Being a customer, you can connect straightforwardly with company’s product team through feedback program, which will ultimately influence the future product list of that company. Being an employer, you can get a much deeper and far broader evaluation of your workforce through feedback systems. Now, there is no need to settle on the perspective of single manager. Feedback programs will help you get access to responses from various resources, including peer reviews and self reviews, in addition to inputs from external source. All these perspectives, together provide a more realistic and insightful evaluation of development opportunities and competency gaps. You can further reflect these valuable insights into improvement in performance and accomplish your workers’ as well as your organization’s true potential. The automatic identification of dissenting language feature will reduce the review time of human resource significantly. It will also enable you to get a holistic perspective and detailed analysis of skill gaps, blind spots and hidden strengths. So, if you want to achieve world class results and maximum performance in today’s world of massive uncertainty, then only feedback software can help you to accomplish that.