Conducting employee evaluation is an important activity in any organisation. All of the supervisors are assigned the task to review employee performance. They are expected to measure performance correctly and that too without wasting any time. Doing whole process without anyone’s assistance is a complicated task for the supervisors. Thus, they can use employee survey software tools to assess the performance correctly and quickly. One of the best tools for a company especially operating on a large scale is automated forms and databases. It gets easy for the supervisors to track the records and also compile the annual accomplishments lists. In case of small companies, they can use word documents or spreadsheets for the same motive.  In traditional approach such reviews are done only by supervisors. These days businesses need a broader approach. Customers have to interact with the employees on regular basis. Therefore, they should also be surveyed as they can provide an essential input. There is a wide range of employee survey software that can be used to carry out surveys electronically that clearly summarizes the results. There are multiple tools that are available to be used while preparing customised questionnaire.  Sometimes companies also ask employees to rate their own performance. Thus the gap between their own ratings and those provided by the others is analysed by the employees and this way they come to know where they stand. It influences them to put more efforts. Moreover, the gap in the company resources can be further identified by employee survey software tools. Also decide the budget and then plan for the training courses in future by carefully analysing the areas where employees need more efforts.  Keep a record of the performance of every employee, their achievements and also where they lack. Provide suggestions to those who need to progress more. Keeping records of everyone in the company is useful while making annual reports. Thus with the usage of the best tools companies can receive accurate evaluation results.