Employees are the most important asset of any organization and no business can do without them. No matter how advanced you are, how modern your machinery is still you need employees to look after them and for their welfare and to know how exactly they feel one should always conduct Employee satisfaction survey. This gives an insight to the management how their employees feel and whether they are treated well or not. These days unemployment is the major concern and even if employee doesn’t feel good about working at a place they still continue to do it. This might have a negative impact on the overall productivity. In order to know your employees better Employee satisfaction survey should be conducted at regular intervals. It is usually in the form of a questionnaire, employees are supposed to fill in a form or these days there is a software tool available too. Most of the times, it is kept anonymous, when it is a feedback about the management. Being anonymous employees do not hesitate in stating the actual facts. This boosts their confidence that they are appreciated and the organization is concerned about their well being. Employees feel themselves to be a part of the organization, and are valued. No company can do well unless they have a bunch of satisfied employees. These Employee satisfaction survey are not for fun but efforts should be made to solve all the issues brought up by the employees. If there are certain issues between them and the management then a wise decision should be taken. This survey helps a business find out if its facilities and management is able to keep their employees satisfied or not and also gives them a chance to improve. To maintain the right relation with your employees regular surveys should be conducted.