There are different types of feedback software and these types of software really reduce the human effort and time. It is just like normal software and it is most affective to get the actual feedback from the employees and team as well. The feedback software includes the feedback from employees to supervisors and managers to HR department. Feedback software is very easy to install and operate. You can easily operate it and it works in all types of environments. It is very essential to measure the progress and strength of team and of course, organization. This software is normally used by so many companies and it is good to assess all the requirements and needs of an organization. You can operate this software on your own or you can also take professional help of service provider to conduct the surveys. First of all, the employer needs to locate the targeted employee to get the right feedback. There is a great need to introduce this software in the organizations so that they can get perfect feedback from the employees. The software is also helpful in the recruitment of new employee and definitely, the outcome will be good for the entire organization. The hiring of quality employee affects the reputation and it really helps in the development of business in very short time. The feedback is very important from the new employees, existing employees and for employees who want to leave the organization. Several companies are available that conduct employee recruitment surveys and employee retention surveys for their employees. The feedback software can play crucial role in the retention of potential employees. These surveys can find out the exact reason of employee’s resignation and thus it can lead to the employee retention which is necessary for any company. Thus feedback software can do wonders not only in retaining employee but also help in recruiting good employees for the organization.