The practical use for the exit survey isn’t limited to the business world. Top colleges and universities can benefit from the results.

For example, the US - Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has revealed that 87 per cent of Indian MBA students who graduated this year were placed in top companies, based on the results they acquired from an exit survey from graduates.

The GMAC exit survey of graduating management students was conducted among students in 129 business schools around the world.

Schools and educational organizations can use the exit survey as a tool to see:

  • What students thought of their experience
  • Where schools are succeeding
  • Where students could use more guidance
  • How students are fairing in the business world

An online exit survey can be filled out remotely, so it’s far more effective than an exit interview. It can be sent to students across the world at any time. This means you can easily send it to students from a year or so ago, to see how their career is going and if they’re working in the sector they trained for.

If you have any questions about what exit survey software can do for your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.