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clock April 2, 2010 10:10 by author Administrator
The employees of every company take actions on the basis of own perceptions, so it is in the best interest of the management to be fully aware of employee’s opinions or views. An employee opinion survey permits a firm to get well acquainted with employees’ perceptions. It provides valuable information and insights about the workers and the company to recognize and then address critical problems affecting the productivity of employees. The information collected from employee views surveys can help the top level management to identify various cost saving opportunities; reducing turnover, improving productivity; curbing absenteeism; streamlining communication; monitoring training requirements; improving supervision; and observing the company’s progress with respect to industry. A key benefit of an employee opinion survey is that it helps to enhance customer satisfaction. The association between customer satisfaction and employee motivation is well known, so employee satisfaction studies and various other tools for workforce views are not just for elevating the satisfaction level of employees. Customer loyalty and satisfaction is important for the success of an organization, and satisfied workforce often makes loyal, profitable and satisfied customers. If you wish to obtain a truthful feedback from your employees, they must be assured that their views will be kept in anonymity or confidentiality will be preserved. Otherwise, the workforce might not provide true and sincere feedback or suggestions. Acting in a timely way on the response is equally imperative for the workforce to retain trust in your company as well as its management. It actually supports the fact that company gives importance to its employees’ issues and opinions. Above all, workforce is the greatest ‘asset’ of a firm, so valuing their views, thoughts and issues can give imperative insights to managerial performance and realize its goals. An employee opinion survey is an investment that develops a sense of attachment and commitment of workforce with the company.

Select the apt Online survey software for your business

clock March 30, 2010 10:41 by author Administrator
Surveys and polls have been the major means since years to get feedback from customers about services and business products. With the arrival of online survey software tools in the marketplace, businesses have actually found a highly effective method to upgrade and revitalize their business services and products. However, knowing that these survey tools are nowadays being utilized by many well known business organizations should not be the only deciding factor. It is imperative for you to hire the type of online survey software that best meets your business needs. If you have consulted a software company for your survey needs, you need to consider various important factors, such as number of questions on each page, bandwidth of user, kind of user and final presentation. For example, a novice of the web may take longer in filling the survey-form as compared to others, thus complexity may put him off to carry on further. Online survey software is considered effective if it gathers all business related data with strong data-management and summarizes the results with in-built reports. Many established software companies put into use advanced features leading to organized data collection and robust survey creation. There was a time when polls were carried out personally that were not only pricey, but also boring. With online software, the firms do not have to approach consumers one by one; rather customers find it easier to fill online forms than writing down on paper. Once the online survey is done, the results are distributed automatically as a link through e-mails. Even the data gathered can be analyzed and exported. Taking into account the increased stress of workload, ‘online survey software’ tools have surely come up as a bonus to the business firms, making the work systematic and lot easier.

Online Surveys – Easy way to earn Money

clock March 26, 2010 00:52 by author Administrator
Want to earn money over the internet? Yes you can as there are several resources available over the internet from where one can make good amount of money if worked properly. Internet is a huge source of money making ideas but one should remain careful in picking the right one. There are online survey websites available over internet which provide different types of money making ideas to the people. There are several companies which provide opportunities to the interested people by participating in the surveys. These surveys are the set of questions and the users need to answer those questions in yes or no formats. The emerging technology has made it possible for people to make money online by using these types of surveys. Several people are taking advantage of these online surveys to make money in an easy and convenient way. The main thing to consider is that where and how to look out for these survey sites. There are numerous free survey sites along with several directories where one can find the potential survey website. One just needs to select on some website and then it is important to do complete research on that website in order to achieve accurate results. Research plays crucial role in achieving perfect results because some websites can be fraud and can harm your computer through adware. The main advantage of online surveys is that there is no need to pay any penny as the membership is completely free of cost. Some survey websites also provide special software to the interested customers to speed up the survey processing. You should always keep in mind that there is no need to pay any amount to survey sites. There are scam websites available which demand registration fees from the customers, so please avoid those types of websites. So, online surveys are the easy and convenient way to make money at the comfort of home.

Exit Surveys – Feel the Pulse of Employees

clock March 23, 2010 08:47 by author Administrator
Understanding employee needs is a difficult task especially for the managers of company owners as they do not have enough time to keep close eyes on all employees. However, exit surveys are conducted by an organization to know the exact reason of resignation by the employee. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in retaining the employees so it is the main task of exit interviews. Exit surveys are the perfect way to collect useful information that an organization can use for further improvement and reorganization. It is mainly conducted by HR department to know the main reason of leaving the job. There could be so many reasons, salary issues, bad environment or better opportunities. All these reasons are common but exit surveys help in revealing exact reason. It not only helps in improving the work place but also helps in improving the customer satisfaction. These types of surveys are also beneficial in determining the feelings and ideas of employees which can be advantageous for the employees. Exit surveys really help in reducing absenteeism, reducing turnover and strengthening supervision. Exit surveys involve some interesting questions; it may be in casual or specific way. It involves the questions about employee’s experience with the company, how he or she feels about the company, whether employee satisfaction is present or not, work environment or even culture. It also involves some really important issues like work load, safety standards, supervisory control, pay and orientation. All these issues should be resolved by conducting exit surveys. There are several companies or websites available which provide exit analysis for the organizations. These companies can provide to be beneficial in achieving the perfect results. Several companies or organizations are already using this method to improve the work environment or to increase employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is the only key to retain potential employees and it is what exit surveys can do.

Exit Interview Survey Software – To Boost Productivity

clock March 19, 2010 03:23 by author Administrator
Exit interview surveys are conducted especially for the candidate who wants to leave the job. These surveys are very beneficial for the individual as well as for the organization. These surveys are generally conducted to enhance the productivity and weak things within an organization. Nowadays, exit interviews are becoming common due to the effectiveness and ability to retain employees. It is very important to retain the potential employees in the company and thus for this exit interviews are held to reach at repairable things. Exit interview survey software is used for the same process. The main advantage of this software is that it is very easy to handle and use. It is widely used in several companies and interestingly there is a great demand of this software especially in MNC’s. This software is used to make retention strategy which is the best thing a company can do. Employee retention is very essential for the growth and reputation for an organization. There are numerous websites or companies available either online or offline which provide the services of exit interview survey software to the interested customers. Online purchasing of software is the most convenient and best way to get this wonderful growth tool. You can also view the samples of exit interviews on the web to get the clear vision of ideas and other information. The software is available at very affordable price and of course there are so many payment options available for the convenience of customers. It also helps in creating customized surveys according to employer’s choice and interest. The interesting part about this wonderful tool is that it is very easy to use and it can work in almost all types of environments. There is no need for the maintenance which means it really helps in saving maximum revenue. So exit interview survey software can do wonders for the growth and retention of potential employees.