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Why You Should Reward Engaged Employees

clock December 28, 2013 11:06 by author Administrator

You’ve conducted an employee engagement survey and gone over the results. You’ve seen which employees are the most engaged, so how should you reward them?

Consider promoting these employees, or creating what’s now being called “Intrapreneurs.” An Intrapreneur is defined as “An employee who is both willing and able to develop and implement innovative solutions, thereby adding surprising value to some or all of the organization’s stakeholders.”

“This higher tier is in the realm of intrapreneurship, where people are not only willing but also able to create unexpected value,” wrote Larry Myler, in an article at

Upgrading or promoting your engaged employees into people who can act as leaders and come up with their own ways to help the company grow can have a number of benefits:

1. You gain fresh perspective from junior or frontline employees

2. Other employees see you’re willing to reward hard work and engagement

3. With nearly every company saying they encourage engagement, you get to be one that actually proves they do.

“Upgrading even one person from engaged to intrapreneur can create more value than migrating a larger number of disengaged people to the engaged group,” added Myler.

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Gallup Poll Says Only 13% of Employees Feel Engaged

clock November 29, 2013 16:06 by author Administrator

Planet Earth just got some terrible results from an employee engagement survey. According to the results of a recent Gallup Poll, only 13 per cent of employees across the globe are engaged in their jobs.

Based on Gallup’s numbers, The Harvard Business Review created an interesting map that highlights each country’s respective engagement levels.

The State of the Global Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for Business Leaders Worldwide report highlights findings from Gallup’s ongoing study of workplaces in more than 140 countries from 2011 through 2012.

“Countries that double the number of engaged employees in every company will be best positioned to win the lion’s share of the US$140 trillion in new customers.

Doing so starts with you in your company. And it spreads around the country from there,” wrote Gallup’s Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO.

“When and if your company, and then country, doubles its workforce engagement, only great things will follow: an economic boom, an explosion of innovative ideas, and a surge in entrepreneurship. No country can ramp up ideas and entrepreneurship high enough right now. There are literally trillions in customer revenue waiting to be won.”

The report also estimates that active disengagement costs US$450 billion to $550 billion per year, in the United States along.

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More Than of Half HR Managers Admit Employees Aren’t Engaged

clock November 28, 2013 11:02 by author Administrator

Not enough companies are using tools like an employee engagement survey to ensure their employees feel connected. 

In fact, a recent survey revealed that 56 per cent of surveyed HR managers concede their organization's employee engagement falls short on driving bottom-line business objectives.

A recent Right Management global survey polled more than 1,800 human resources managers to gauge the effectiveness of their employee engagement efforts.

"Employee engagement should be a mindset, not a program that starts and stops when morale is bad,” said Scott Ahlstrand, Right Management's Global Practice Leader for Employee Engagement. 

“Unfortunately, many large organizations don't have a true pulse on the value of their engagement. They need to effectively turn engagement data into meaningful intelligence at the department and individual manager level to help employees recognize their contributions to the business."

A fully integrated employee engagement survey can help you gauge how your employees feel, so you can take any corrective steps before you have a major issue.

"Successful companies have engaged employees that understand how they contribute to that success," added Ahlstrand.

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Only 19% of Organizations Have an Employee Engagement Program

clock November 4, 2013 11:04 by author Administrator

This is a problem: A recent report says that a mere 19% of organizations use an employee engagement program, such as an employee engagement survey.

The report, Employee Engagement in Organisations: State of the Notion, was release by a professional service firm called VaLUENTiS.

Some of their other findings include:

  • Around two in five (43%) organizations do not currently provide structured learning on employee engagement
  • Only (47%) conduct surveys on an annual or more than annual basis (i.e. quarterly or six-monthly)
  • One in two organizations (49%) links their employee survey data with other data
  •  44% links their employee survey data to other organization performance data

“Our survey findings suggest that ‘employee engagement’ in many cases lacks this robustness, potentially undermining the good efforts in measurement, enhancement and education that some organisations undertake,” said VaLUENTiS in a press release.

Failing to measure your employees’ engagement is giving away a massive opportunity. You can quickly and affordably fix this with online tools like an employee engagement survey. This is the best way to find out what really motivates your employees and connects them to the work they do.

If you have any questions about what an employee engagement survey can do for your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.