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Grapevine delivers! Top-notch sales & service, exceptional tech support, a highly reliable system, all contributing to superior results each time. Thanks for the great product and to all the Grapevine staff who make the surveying process a breeze.

Sylvia Mauti Torlys

We have used the grapevine tool for employee surveys and found it to be very user friendly. We continue to be a very satisfied customer and I would highly recommend Grapevine to other companies.

Albert Saltarelli, Human Resources Manager
Priszm Brandz Inc.

By using Grapevine's employee feedback software, I was able to build and deploy the survey in less than 1 hour! Grapevine has also streamlined the cumbersome process of results consolidation into just minutes.

Patrick Kelley, HRIS
Boston Scientific

Allows us to easily contact and survey the needs of a variety of stakeholders of the health care system across North America. It is user friendly and allows rapid, effective analysis of responses that assist us in important decision making.

Sue Freshwater
Hamilton Health Sciences

Grapevine has saved us a ton of time. Grapevine allows us to not only brand the survey for our organization, but also ask the type of questions that are best for the audience we are serving.

Bill McAuliffe, Learning & Development

Grapevine lets our association vote for our Board of Directors online. The user friendly features allowed us to provide our members with convenience for voting. We also appreciate the great customer service!

Karen Olivar
Engineering & Utility Contractors Association

Grapevine Surveys is an effective, easy to use tool that has helped us better gauge internal and external customer needs and collect actionable feedback.

Beverlee Searle, Manager, Market Intelligence

We are now able to summarize and analyze our student feedback within minutes, rather than the two-weeks it was taking us before. It's an excellent tool and we recommend it without hesitation.

Michael Pearce, Program Director,
Richard IVEY School of business

Grapevines flexibility and widespread capabilities have significantly supported our efforts in "Cultural Transformation", both in traditional and non traditional applications.

Mark Wilson, SVP HR

Grapevine is an easy-to-use survey management system that enables me to implement and manage my research program effectively and keep an up-to-the-minute snapshot of my surveys.

Sharon Valencik, Director of Research
The Telecom Intelligence Group

Grapevine is a wonderful tool!

Breena Means
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

I used Grapevine to do our quarterly surveys. We started getting results back immediately and over 50% completion within one week. The results are not only more accurate, but the users felt more comfortable giving honest feedback through this method.

Bob Schultz

Online Employee Survey Software Tool

Every human resource professional knows that a company is only as good as its employees. That's why it's so important to get employee feedback and quickly respond to their needs, their ideas and suggestions.

If you could read your employees' minds, you'd have higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved productivity, better customer service and better morale. While mind-reading remains in the realm of sci-fi, you can do the next best thing: ask employees what they're thinking using our employee survey software.


Employee Survey

  • Create your employee survey using our EASY online survey software

  • Create your survey from scratch

  • Use our survey template library

Employee Feedback

  • Via Web: Grapevine generates a unique web address for each online survey you create

  • Via Email: Simply send your employees an email containing the unique web address link to your online survey

Survey Results

  • View survey results in real-time

  • Analyze by employee, department, geography

  • Graphs, Analytical Tools, Query/Filter & Exporting

How to Use Grapevine's Employee Survey Software to Perform Employee Surveys

Grapevine's Employee Survey Software Online Tool allows you to collect many areas of employee feedback including:

  • Employee Opinion Survey Software Online
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Morale Surveys
  • New Hire Surveys
  • Skills Assessments Surveys

Key Features of Grapevine's Employee Survey Software Online Tool gives you the ability to:

  • Simply customize and brand your employee surveys
  • Control if the employee survey is anonymous and password protected
  • Customize the number of questions per page
  • 15 different question types available
  • Easily use skip logic or branching to ask only relevant questions to the employee
  • Analyze survey data using graphical reports and analytical tools
  • Reports are customizable and all data can be exported
  • Employee Survey management services available
  • And much more...
    (Click here for full list of features)

Benefits of an Employee Survey

  • Employee Surveys can catalyze or enhance communication, partnerships with employees and motivation. Morale, productivity, commitment and organizational vitality can be substantially improved by listening to and acting on employee suggestions.
  • Listening to employees and encouraging their involvement can have a positive impact on an organization's quality services initiative. Their opinions and ideas are an invaluable resource.
  • Employee surveys may be used to obtain obtain input from employees, thereby encouraging participation in the change process while improving areas within the organization.
  • Employee surveys may be used to identify training requirements or learning activities. Surveys may also be used to gather perceptions on other key elements of a quality services initiative, such as leadership and awards programs.