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Grapevine delivers! Top-notch sales & service, exceptional tech support, a highly reliable system, all contributing to superior results each time. Thanks for the great product and to all the Grapevine staff who make the surveying process a breeze.

Sylvia Mauti Torlys

We have used the grapevine tool for employee surveys and found it to be very user friendly. We continue to be a very satisfied customer and I would highly recommend Grapevine to other companies.

Albert Saltarelli, Human Resources Manager
Priszm Brandz Inc.

By using Grapevine's employee feedback software, I was able to build and deploy the survey in less than 1 hour! Grapevine has also streamlined the cumbersome process of results consolidation into just minutes.

Patrick Kelley, HRIS
Boston Scientific

Allows us to easily contact and survey the needs of a variety of stakeholders of the health care system across North America. It is user friendly and allows rapid, effective analysis of responses that assist us in important decision making.

Sue Freshwater
Hamilton Health Sciences

Grapevine has saved us a ton of time. Grapevine allows us to not only brand the survey for our organization, but also ask the type of questions that are best for the audience we are serving.

Bill McAuliffe, Learning & Development

Grapevine lets our association vote for our Board of Directors online. The user friendly features allowed us to provide our members with convenience for voting. We also appreciate the great customer service!

Karen Olivar
Engineering & Utility Contractors Association

Grapevine Surveys is an effective, easy to use tool that has helped us better gauge internal and external customer needs and collect actionable feedback.

Beverlee Searle, Manager, Market Intelligence

We are now able to summarize and analyze our student feedback within minutes, rather than the two-weeks it was taking us before. It's an excellent tool and we recommend it without hesitation.

Michael Pearce, Program Director,
Richard IVEY School of business

Grapevines flexibility and widespread capabilities have significantly supported our efforts in "Cultural Transformation", both in traditional and non traditional applications.

Mark Wilson, SVP HR

Grapevine is an easy-to-use survey management system that enables me to implement and manage my research program effectively and keep an up-to-the-minute snapshot of my surveys.

Sharon Valencik, Director of Research
The Telecom Intelligence Group

Grapevine is a wonderful tool!

Breena Means
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

I used Grapevine to do our quarterly surveys. We started getting results back immediately and over 50% completion within one week. The results are not only more accurate, but the users felt more comfortable giving honest feedback through this method.

Bob Schultz


Grapevine Surveys - Features (pdf format)

Grapevine is full of valuable features that are included with all subscriptions. Just because you don’t purchase a large subscription doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of all the functionality our product has to offer.

Subscription Features

  • Survey Hosting & Monitoring
  • Unlimited Questions Per Survey
  • Software Access & Free Upgrades
  • Unlimited Customer Support

Question Types

  • Text Box - One Line (Multiple)
  • Text Box - Summation
  • Date (MMM/DD/YYYY Drop Down)
  • Grid - One answer per Row (Radio Buttons)
  • Grid - Multiple answers per Row (Check Boxes)
  • Grid - Multiple answers per Row (Drop Down)
  • Grid - Multiple answers per Row (Text Box)

Question/Answer Options

  • Ability to Add a Comments Box to Any Question
  • Ability to Add "Other" Answer Option
    (where applicable)
  • Ability to Add "N/A" Answer Option
    (where applicable)
  • Ability to Add "None of the Above" Answer Option
    (where applicable)
  • Ability to Capture Participant Info if Desired
  • Ability to Create Your Own Rating Scale with Titles
  • Ability to Add Section Headings
  • Ability to Decide the Number of Questions per Page
  • Ability to Flag a Question as Mandatory
    (user must answer)
  • Ability to Randomize the Order of Your Answer Options
  • Ability to Display Answer Options Vertically
  • Ability to Display Answer Options Horizontally
  • Ability to Upload Images into Questions
    (GIF, JPEG, PDF, etc)
  • Ability to Upload Files into Questions
    (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc)

Survey Formatting

  • Design Your Survey From Scratch
  • Survey Creation Wizard
  • Customize a Survey From Our Library of Over 240 Survey Templates
  • Copy and Edit Existing Survey From Your Profile
  • Upload Your Logo to Brand Your Survey
  • Customize Number of Questions on each Page
  • Choose from over 40 Survey Skins
    (graphic designs)
  • HTML Formatting
  • Spell Check
  • Survey Question Templates Available
  • Progress Meter Available For Multiple Page Surveys

Survey Deployment

  • Set Launch and Expiry Dates
  • Save and Continue at a Later Date
  • Set Quota for Survey Respondents
  • Allow Multiple Respondents From Same Computer
  • IP Filtering for Pop-Up Survey

Survey Distribution

  • Email Survey Link
  • Web Page Pop-Up
  • Link to Survey on Your Website
  • Deploy to PDA/Blackberry/Cell Phone
  • Print in PDF for Manual Distribution
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Send From Customized Email Address
  • Email Distribution Manual/Bulk

Survey Logic

  • Branch Logic
  • Skip Logic
  • Branch/Skip Logic Conditional
  • Branch/Skip with Multiple Answers
  • Delayed Branch/Skip
  • Piping
  • Advanced Logic

Report Features

  • Online Overall Reports
  • View Individual Results
  • Export Results to Excel
  • Export Results to PDF
  • Export Results to SPSS
  • Custom Reports
  • Filter Results by any Criteria
  • Enhanced 3D Graph Creation
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • Delete Respondent Data
  • Capture Respondent ID
  • Cross Tabulation Reports
  • Construct Grouping
  • Time Series


  • User Administration Login ID & Password
  • SSL Encryption 128 bit
  • Participant Group Password Option
  • Participant Login ID & Password Option
  • IServers Hosted in IBM Data Center

Other Features

  • Preview Survey
  • Test Before Launch
  • Customize Survey Introduction
  • Customize Thank You Page
  • Allow Respondent to Print Completed Survey
  • Allows Re-direct to any URL After Survey Submission
  • Multiple Languages
  • Keep your Survey Data for as long as you like

* Additional Services (Additional pricing required)

  • Survey Management Available
  • Question Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Survey Panels
  • Survey Design
  • Translation
  • Customized URL
  • Postal Distribution